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Euro PET is a food grade Post-Consumer + Post-Industrial resin obtained with a high European technology process, certified by the FDA.

Company was formed by Guatemalan and European capital. We have the “know how” of the process.

Strengthening and development of a better culture of recycling of PET, for the care of the environment.

The use of technology to provide high quality raw material to satisfy the needs of our customers, generating an atmosphere of confidence, security and service.


Important world companies guarantee our technology and processes, adding no objection letters from FDA.

We maintain constant monitoring and maintenance on each and every one of our equipments which guarantees our customers the quality and especially their satisfaction.


The regranulated material can be used as a partial substitute of virgin resin according specifications.

Is good for applications as:
Beverage bottles
Chemicals products bottles (pharmaceutics, clean products, etc.)
Thermoforming foil
Fiber, because its tenancy

Test made in different bottle production plants, reflects the use of 20% minimum mixed with virgin resin obtain a high performance preforms, accomplish with the customer specifications.


The continued control of the process in the facility by laboratory personnel in quality control, ensures the conservation of the parameters needed for processing the material and thus ensure the essential characteristics of PET-R resin (PCR-PET) for use in food grade packaging.

Quality Control Laboratory:

In the laboratory analyzes the characteristics of our material.
Some analysis made to the finished product is: Intrinsic Viscosity (IV), moisture content, density, color, etc.

See certificate of quality here.


Daily we discard PET bottles mostly drink bottles.

These bottles can be recovered and fits perfectly for PET recycling process.

This process generate continuity of life of the material and ensure proper handling.

PET has the advantage that it is 100% recyclable.


We have a laboratory to analyze the characteristics of our material. In the analysis we did this: Intrinsic Viscosity (IV), moisture content, density, color, etc..

Cleaning existing landfills
Lower pollution in tributaries, landscaping, etc..
Recycling culture

The plastics recycling reflects a positive impact on carbon dioxide emissions as Protection Agency
Environment in USA, you can save the emission of 0.77 ton of greenhouse gases by recycling one ton of plastic.
By recycling PET can have savings up to 60% on Electric Power, according to studies in Germany.

High quality raw material food grade
Cost Reduction


11 barrels of oil


3.487 Tons of Co2


2.45 Cubic meters of landfill

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